Our game "Stakåndet" focuses on the confusion that many students feel about changing announcements from the media, politicians and opinion makers - all in a good and playful tone.
Politicians, journalists, trade unionists and principals from the Denmark's educational institutions compete to receive their bachelor degree.
The photo shows Vice Dean at Aarhus University, Niels Lehmann, and education editor at Politiken, Jacob Fuglsang.
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Our game 'Stakåndet' introduces the participants to the life as a student in 2016. In STACK we are studying different degrees but we are all experiencing confusion about our studies. The confusion is both our own and our fellow students.
With interplay between rule changes and metaphors the game "Stakåndet" introduces the participants to the confusion we experience and see as students today. The participants received a simple task: build a structure that can sustain a given book. If the participants succeeded in this task they would receive their bachelor degree.

In STAK we discuss this sense of confusion as a political message.

The frequency of recent years changes in our education system can create a sense of indifference on students. The changes are part of an international standardization of education in the EU.
It is clear to us that international collaboration creates opportunities for us students, but at the same time we find that the international standardization makes us passive. This experience is creating indifference on both our fellow students and us.

Our game is not an elegy about the hard life of students – because we are actually doing very well.
It is more an attempt to give the participants an insight into the constant changes of education and how this affects students. We are afraid that students will continue to be passive and confused after their studies…
A life as a student is also a political life, but the frequency of structural changes in our individual paths may lead us to steep and perhaps drop out.

As a student today you need to have nerves of steel. And actually it is the students who dare to take chances in their studies and who dare to break with the systems that are most successful in their future lives.

Our participants in the game "Stakåndet"
Henrik Busch // Associate Dean, Metropol
Harald Mikkelsen // Rector, VIA
Henrik Dam // Rector, University of Southern Denmark
Lene Augusta Jørgensen // Rector, UC Jutland
Anne-Birgitte Rasmussen // Chairman at Danske Gymnasier and head of Copenhagen Open Gymnasium
Jørgen Rosted // Economist
Stina Vrang Elias // CEO, Tænketanken DEA
Jacob Fuglsang // Education Editor, Politiken
Vibeke Rask Green // Freelance Journalist
Rasmus Pontoppidan // Radikale Ungdom
Svend Thorhauge // Det Radikale Venstre
Niels Lehmann // Associate Dean, University of Aarhus
VIA UC produced a short movie from 'Stakåndet' at Folkemødet - take a look...
Folkemødet takes place every year on the Danish island of Bornholm in week 24. It takes in the port city, Allinge. Folkemødet is an annual reminder that the open Danish democracy is something to cherish and appreciate