student task force for creativity

We are STAK
STAK is a student task force with an agenda to reduce the gap between students and culture. More specifically we are a voice for students and a gateway in connecting them with enterprises, Aarhus 2017 cultural projects and likeminded people. We are the link that merges students with the creative business community hopefully in order for them to collaborate and develop together.

We are 7 creative and enthusiastic students, with a passion for creating, developing and performing cultural projects for the people in and around Aarhus. We are here to be seen and we are here to be heard.
Our origin: 2017 Academy
2017 Academy is a learning- and innovation platform, which rethinks the connections between knowledge, art, culture and enterprises to strengthen the growth and employment in the creative enterprises.
We are here to show, tell and boost the mutual ressource students and creative communities are to each other