A More Creative Denmark

More Creative is a strategic initiative
to create growth through the creative industries.

This week Ditte Karla and Annika participated in More Creatives conference at the very centre of danish politics, Christiansborg
"The industries of tomorrow are creative"
More Creative firmly believes that the industries of tomorrow are creative. Statistics tells us that the Danish creative industries make 9 % of the overall national income and employment. It's this exact development that More Creative are using their resources to strengthen and empower.

Their main focus is four arenas within the creative industries: architecture, fashion, design and the digital visual industry. More Creative is a cooperation between Aarhus 2017 and Central Region Denmark. They gathered on the 27th of September, 180 contributors and policymakers within the creative industries to spend a day with international keynote speakers, cases and a panel debate.
A brief look at the program of the day

Keynote speakers
Teo Härén, founder of interesting.org
John Newbigin, Chairmain of Creative England
John Davies, Researcher at British Nesta

IBM, Brandon Jones
DOKK1, Elif Tinaztepe (architect from Schmidt Hammer Lassen)
Visikon, Anders Nejsum

Panel discussion
Torsten Schack Pedersen, The Liberal Party
Rasmus Nordqvist, The Alternative
Karoline Amalie Steen, Local Government Denmark
Charlotte Schmidt, Danske Bank
Anne-Christine Ahrenkiehl, Egmont

The conference was in my opinion a confirmation that there is much future potential in the creative industries.
Besides that we also have to stay sharp, when it comes to defining and measuring creativity. Creativity can easily become a fluffy, buzzy word. Maybe something we can relate to by creating something with our hands and material - and not economic growth and employment.

At least I know, I'm still learning - because this was a genuine reminder to keep researching, such as digging into the reports of NESTA.
Research shows that the field of creative industries has the biggest amount of young employees. So last, but not least, this conference was a clear reminder to keep contributing to the documentation of this field in relation to STAK and 2017 Academy.

// Annika

Feel like surfing the big world wide web to have a look at the outcome of the day?
More Creative, keynote speakers and participants were tweeting all day. Click the botton below and arrive straight to the hashtag of the day: #morecreativedk