Ditte Karla in "Young Entrepreneurs in Creativity" in Torres Vedras, Portugal

Follow me as i am fighting for creativity in an international arena.
From the 23th - 30th of may 24 students are taking part in "Young Entrepreneurs in Creativity" in Torres Vedras, Portugal. The project comes from the increasing need to empower youth workers and young people to take the entrepreneurial approach and try to adapt it to the needs in our local community. We will discus topics concerning youth unemployment, analyzing personal strengths, entrepreneurial thinking and creativity.

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// Ditte Karla
Excitement coming up!
Today it hit me: "I'm so exited to meet other exited young people. They are also fighting for creativity!" But i am still a little confused. Who will i meet, where do they come from and why are they participating?
Let me tell you a little bit about the project before i leave...

Young Entrepreneurs in Creativity is
a 7-days project that will be held in Torres Vedras, Portugal. We will be
28 participants (4 from each country) from: Portugal, Estonia, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Denmark.
We will discus unemployability from the perspective of young people.

Young people are the people responsible for the labor market and work spaces in the very near future, although youth has become one of the groups at the highest risk when it comes to problem of unemployment. Young people, who are about to enter labor market, are often challenged by the fact that their skills and experience are not enough to be compatible, which leads them to the situation of taking a job that does not match their interest or, in the worst case, they stay long term unemployed before even having a chance to enter the job market.

We aim to address promotion of innovative social enterprises in a way of training youth workers to promote an entrepreneurial attitude and creativity. We need skills to be able to give the youth tools for using entrepreneurship in creating their own work places. We seek to understand the attitudes towards youth unemployment from youngsters and youth workers all-over Europe. Also to find efficient ways of beating unemployment that is applied in various countries and see how entrepreneurship can be working towards positive changes in the broader EU society.

That is why we are gathered 28 participants from seven different countries - and the excitement sneaks up on me!

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//Ditte Karla