prepping for aarhus 2017:
How to nurture and cultivate your creative spirit
Today STAK visited the magnificent "Vanebrudspal├Žet" for a workshop with VIA and Rethink Our Common Future to prepare for Creativity World Forum
Creativity World Forum is one of the major events in Aarhus 2017. It is a conference held once a year, that brings people together from all over the world in order to meet, greet and create a creative output through inspiration from various keynote speakers and creative break-out sessions. The overall theme of this year's conference is "Creative Resilience".

The objective of the day was a workshop where the basis for these break-out sessions were thought out. Staying true to the surroundings of Vanebrudspal├Žet (see picture) we tried to turn everything upside down and rethink the boundaries of which to be creative in.

The headline of today was "Creative People: How to cultivate and nurture your creative spirit". In what seemed as an endless sea of post-it's, five concepts were thought out and will be further developed in the next couple of months. The final concepts will be presented to the coordinators of Creativity World Forum, who are creating various break-out sessions. Besides from the theme "Creative People", the conference will also have sessions under the themes "Creative Industries" and "Creative Cities".

2017 Academy at Creativity World Forum
In collaboration with students 2017 Academy are also coordinating the second edition of the student-conference "DC Living Lab", which will take place during Creativity World Forum and involve students as they work on challenging topics of their choice related to creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

You have the possibility of getting involved! For further information, check out DC Living Lab's own webpage: