21 st century skills
Annual meeting of the Danish University Colleges
Koldingfjord Hotel
On the 1st of June 2017 STAK participated at the annual meeting of the Danish University Colleges at Koldingfjord Hotel. The program was filled with a lot of formative information about the 21st century skills in a Danish educational context, which a professor from AU, Ole Sejer Iversen, presented in two parts distributed on the day. Although the day was provided with some important educational questions, we also had to say goodbye to the official chairman of the board, Harald Mikkelsen who retired.

The meeting was not only filled with educational speeches and debates, but our very own educational game STAKÅNDET also found its way through the program, which carried out a lot of laughter.

Throughout the game, we tried to provide the feeling of being a Danish student in the 21st century, who isn't able predict the future of one's very own way through the educational system and the constant battle of trying to fit into the new requirements, which almost any student can relate to. The game raised great awareness and complicated the main idea of why the 21st century skills would be beneficial, in order to make the students more equipped for the constant changes in our society.

In order to make the meeting go smoother, the program was carried out with the help of Anja Bo as moderator, who also participated as a journalist alongside our very own journalist, Klein, in STAKÅNDET. The program ended with Carsten Koch summarizing the main points and the most important parts of the day, before he invited all the guests to a drink on the terrace.